The Hawaiian "accidental" missile launch, the CA Paradise forest fire and the massive 9-11 system outage were most likely warning attacks on the US by, for lack of a better term, the Hillary/Obama/Bush Crime Network. I believe they were threats to trigger a nuclear exchange with Russia or China but most of these sleeper agents have now been defused. Q originally predicted ten days of darkness but the sleepers only managed to knock out the 9-11 systems for a couple of days.

Epstein Island was a honeypot to entrap and blackmail high-level officials and celebrities, and I imagine there's even a few snuff tapes floating around. As each person was snared, they were then blackmailed to bring trusting co-workers and associates to the island to also be snared. This explains how Google, Facebook and Twitter have been so completely conscripted. This is how the crime network accomplished so much, the combination of The Carrot (tons of payoff money and protected pursuit of pedo and drug addictions) and The Stick (blackmail videos).

The puppet show ended with the Bush funeral, I think. Perhaps a couple months earlier. I suspect the envelopes were Epstein blackmail photos. The Democrats didn't win the mid-term elections, they lost but haven't realized it yet. They needed an overwhelming win and they failed.

So around 100K indictments will get served on the crime network and I imagine it will be gone by the 2020 elections, you won't see the same bot attacks, the coordinated propaganda across social media/MSM or paid sock puppets.

How many rats will flee the country? Obama and Podesta both visited the non-extradition country of New Zealand this month. The Republicans are setting up for prosecution, which will be another puppet show purposely timed for the 2020 elections. The massive voter fraud of 2018, ignored so far, will likely show up then, too.