Red flags for the 2020s.

"Inclusive" : we hired three token minorities because we're scared of being called racist.
"Diverse" : our primary hiring criteria actually ARE sex and race, skill is a minor factor.

"Mentoring" : forcing our competent employees to do their work plus the work of our "diverse" employees.

"Collaborative" : we have no design.  we jabber all day drinking coffee and making ad hoc changes.

"Work Ethic": shows up for coffee to make ad hoc changes.
"Teamwork" : the theory that ten bumblefucks working together can create a functional product.

"Stock Options": future slave reparations.

"Well Funded": we have enough money to last until we find another sucker.

"Successful": we landed a big sucker.

"Anti-Bro Culture":  we hired so many women that sexual harassment lawsuits are guaranteed.