Our previous discussion - Bitcoin Saturation 1

Three new record highs this weekend in transaction confirmation time (double the previous record of 30 hours in 2021):

  • 77 hours
  • 58 hours
  • 50 hours.

The incoming transactions during July 4th weekend declined enough that older mempool entries were finally processed after several days. I guesstimate the sustainable bandwidth is now 380K transactions per day.

July 1: 380K - 324K = 56K processed from mempool
July 2: 380K - 309K = 71K processed from mempool
July 3: 380K - 328K = 52K processed from mempool

A net drawdown of 179K from mempool, which matches the drop from 330K to 150K in the preceding mempool graph.

An increase of 10-20% in transactions will expire transactions, as there won't be bandwidth to process mempool entries.

At first, there won't be enough transactions lost to be noticeable... unless it's YOUR transaction laughing_emoji