Sex is one of the first things impacted in an economic depression.  This graph illustrates the effect during the 9-11 attack...

Mental bandwidth is normally constant, and when a meme increases, there's a corresponding decrease elsewhere.  I knew "terrorism" had a tremendous spike on 9-11 but it took weeks to discover what fell.

Two interesting graphs for United States and Worldwide which suggest a long-term economic downturn.

The Great Depression was the down wave of a Kondratieff wave which lasted from mid-1920s until 1945.  I've mentioned the K-wave a few times, including this graphic from my DEFCON submission in 2017.

These graphs aren't proof of anything, just another data point implying a K-wave down wave, along with the data points of impending war with Russia and Stalinesque direction of the Federal government.

USA Stalinist Era
It’s an early call but I predict the USA has entered its Stalinist Era. Genocide is no longer a fear but a fact as confirmed by dead athletes on live television, multiple life insurance companies, funeral homes, CDC data and DMED data. There’s at least 21K people dying per month
Credit Cycle
In 1991, I read a Barron’s article by Ray Dalio (founder of Bridgewater Associates and currently worth about $22 billion) about the credit cycle (AKA Kondratiev wave, debt cycle, etc) and it’s been in my mind ever since. Today I read an engaging article by Brandon Smith which resembles my