The MSM and social media giants are, predictably, ignoring the Congressional Twitter hearings as much as possible but so far, I'm only surprised by one revelation.   Nope, not the tacit conspiracy with the FBI.  Not the child porn and implied pedophilia.  Not the internal FBI unit.   Not the evasion of the Twitter execs.

I expected these.

But I did not expect the conspirators to leave a trail in 3rd party databases.   I have no doubt that Roth, Gadde, Baker, etc shredded files as fast as possible but my inference from the hearings is that they didn't delete their Jira data at Atlassian, a 3rd party vendor.

Jira is a project management tool for internal company use.  It contains future features, product roadmaps, bug issues, potential liabilities.  Like source code, it's not the sort of thing you expose to non-employees so this diagram was my surprise...

I've used Jira at several companies and to reiterate, it's not the sort of thing where you grant access to numerous Federal agencies.   But for a conspiracy, it makes perfect sense to use Jira as a venue.   It's already embedded, adding a channel and some logins won't raise suspicion, it's got enough security to hide nefarious activity, nobody will question its use.  Smugglers use existing transportation venues for the same reasons.

My first question was "how did Congress get these logins?" as I'm sure Twitter staff shredded as much evidence as possible.

But if Twitter was on the hosted version (a few companies buy and run it internally), Atlassian could provide those logins to Congress.   Atlassian probably backed up Twitter's data for liability reasons, too.   The Twitter execs may have hesitated to throw a red flag by requesting deletion.  Perhaps they hoped nobody would ever connect the dots.

If my inferences are right, Congress probably has a database of all censorship requests, actions taken, status, comments, as well as identities of all parties.  

Which, I imagine, is why that diagram was in the hearings.

Many liberal techies ridiculed this idea but most of them were equally clueless about FBI infiltration of MSM and the COVID vaccine collusion.  They're young and naive and I've seen these sorts of conspiracies several times over the past thirty-three years, most notably at Infosys with visa, billing and resume fraud in 2008.