was my website and for several years I was involved online with Dominique Mainon; a bizarre, incomprehensible story and this is a small part of it.

I was obsessive about my logs and visitors and learned which hits were bots.  Some bots are scheduled on 12 or 24 hour periods and those bots rarely vary by more than a minute or two.  

I noticed one bot visiting every hour for most of the day but occasionally off by 5 or 10 minutes.   Later I added an entry about Dominique and the bot freaked out.  Suddenly it's checking my site every five minutes, then every fifteen minutes; then reverts to its original behavior after a day or two.   I geo-traced it to Hollywood, CA area, near Dominique's location.

And suddenly it dawns on me that it may not be a bot.

Dominique had described her OCD, insomnia, taking ambien, etc.   And then I realized she's checking my website every hour on the hour, 18 hours per day.   That's some serious OCD.

But how could I be sure?  After a few days I added another scathing entry about her and the bot flipped out again!   For a couple days.   Then the log times slowly revert back to once an hour.  It flipped out again after I delete the entry.  

That was enough proof for me.