was my website from 2004 until 2010 and during that period, I was involved online with Dominique Mainon. The full story is bizarre, convoluted, a bit incomprehensible and this story is a small part of it.

At first, I was obsessive about my logs and visitors.  Then you learn which hits are bots and filter them out mentally.  Some bots are scheduled, so they might check your site every day, or every 12 hours,  etc, and those bots rarely vary by more than a minute or two.  

I noticed one bot visiting every hour for 17 or 18 hours per day but once in awhile, its timing was off by 5 or 10 minutes.   Once in awhile, it double-checked.  But overall it was pretty bot-like.  

A few weeks later, I make an entry referring to Dominique and the bot freaks out.  Suddenly it's checking every five minutes for an hour,  then every fifteen minutes; then reverts to its original behavior.   And I start wondering.  I geo-trace it and it's in Hollywood, CA area, which, surprise, surprise, is where Dominique lives.

And suddenly it dawns on me that it may not be a bot.  Dominique had written of her OCD and insomnia, taking ambien, etc.   And I'm thinking "holy cow, this is some SERIOUS OCD", hitting my website every hour on the hour, 18 hours per day?

But how can I be sure?  So I criticize Dominique in a scathing entry and the bot flips out!   It flips out for a couple days.   It's checking my site every few minutes, it checks 15 times, then it disappears for two hours, then it's checking 20 times, etc, etc.   It flips out more after I delete the entry.  And that was enough proof for me.