The 2021 inauguration was faked.  The pictures above of Jill Biden's shoes are just one of many continuity errors in the weather, object placements,  audience members, speech slurs, timestamp gaps, falling parade hats and 21 gun salute.

Rehearsals were scheduled for Sunday and Monday (Jan 17th and 18th) but were canceled due to "security events".   I'm pretty sure now there were rehearsals and they were spliced together for the "live broadcast" on Jan 20th.  Canceling the rehearsals with a security scare kept the general public away and provided a reason to deny entry.

They probably did Take #1 on the 17th for the full inaugural.  Then reviewed the footage to write the script for Take #2 the following day.  They had 36 hours to edit the final version, so there wasn't time to fix continuity errors.

I also realized that 20,000 National Guard troops created a security scare to keep the general public away and to deny entry to any diehards who traveled to D.C.

If there was no official inauguration, is Biden even the President?

Heck, is Joe Biden even Joe Biden?

Update: I was right.  

Here's the real inauguration with almost zero audience.

Another MSM coverup.  They brought in 25,000 National Guard troops to hide the inauguration from the public.  And here's another surprise.  Obama is as fake as the 2021 inauguration and the 2020 election.  Hopefully the full story there is released soon.

Update: Wow.  They're actually reading the Internet and fixing the continuity errors in their sets.  HAHAHA.  They fixed the misplacement of the secret service button today.