CogCon is shorthand for "Continuity of Government", a set of mechanisms to insure that the Federal government remains operational under various disaster scenarios.   On Jan 18th, 2021, a COGCON2 alert was accidentally (?) sent out over public channels, it's visible in this Google search but I also read it myself.  COGCON2 is somewhat comparable to DEFCON 2, essentially placing the US on a wartime footing.

There's quite a bit of weirdness now regarding Washington DC and the Federal government.   Here's one small sample.  Biden's nose and eye melt and change during a recent speech to the NIH.   This is either a mask or deep fake technology going haywire.   Why the trickery?

Thomas Wictor has a thread which ties a lot of these items together.  He believes (and I'm inclined to mostly agree) that Trump initiated COGCON protocols on Jan 18th, effectively placing the US under military control.  Things are not what they appear to be.  There's a reason that Congress is obsessed with Trump and a reason why there's still thousands of National Guard troops in D.C.  

This would also be a general confirmation that Q is real and part of what's happening.