The apparent Big Tech victory over President Trump is pyrrhic and will be short-lived:

And who will trust their business to companies that will destroy it at a whim of their ego?   Not many, I think. My best guess is that Twitter and Facebook will be nationalized into utilities.

As of tonight, Apple and Google are trying to destroy Telegram.  Gab is getting one million new users per day.  Parler is down but Dan Bongino is angrier than fuck and swore to get it back up "even if it bankrupts me".

The MSM/SM are spewed out a lot of false information now in a panic bid to stop what's happening.  I could list several examples today (the Joint Chiefs have no warning letter on their twitter or website, Lin Wood has not been contacted by Secret Service, etc) but the moral is...  NOTHING coming out of the MSM, Social media or their leadership can be trusted.  Not a single word.   Always find the source documents and people and verify.