Five States with less than 100K vote difference.  Do you know why?  The fraudsters already had their eight States in place, along with extra ballots.  Once Trump was headed for a sure win, they shut down the ballot count.   They used existing Trump/Biden ratios to calculate the delta for a Biden win, and then spread it across all eight States, looking for the least detectable distribution.   They probably used a mix of deleted Trump ballots plus new Biden ballots.  That's why five States are so close.  They were tweaked to BE close. Then in the morning, presto chango, Biden is ahead.

There's at least four techniques so far -

  • MaidenGate, i.e. registrations of single women who married.  
  • People who moved out-of-State.  
  • People who own 2nd homes in other States.  
  • And the ever popular dead guy.

This is a well-organized fraud and probably involves a couple hundred people in many States.