They planned the election fraud in early September, started worrying about jail and searched for legal consequences.  The MSM is still suppressing the type and degree of fraud but there's LOTS more coming out in alt media.

Google recorded all these IP addresses and they can be traced back to real people.   We can make some educated guesses about the conspirators.   It's probably a small group, perhaps 30 or 40 people and they'll be higher level like managers, gatekeeper types.  The top 3 entries are geographically contiguous which is suspicious.  They probably had physical meetings and there's probably a non-geographic org coordinating it, like a DNC team or Soros organization. They're probably all democrats, some will be members of protest groups.  And just one of their laptops probably has enough info to track down the entire group and sequence of events.

At this point, the election is beyond salvageable, the degree of fraud is stunning to many people but I've seen this degree of dishonesty on a regular basis in IT industry and large corporations over the past ten years.

Addendum:  Twitter purged this fraud proof, I'm adding it here for now.

Biden's vote tallies violate Benford's law

As of tonight, ABC, CBS, NBC, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are censoring anything related to election fraud, including President Trump's address tonight.

Conspiracies are real.