You could have known most of this before the 2016 election if you'd wanted to.

Epstein was created by a banking cartel specifically to create a honeypot and snare politicians and influential people with a blackmail scheme. His cover story was "investment banker" but it turns out that he's largely unknown in that world.

Pedo Island was a deliberate plan, not a series of coincidences. Pizzagate IS real but it's not what you think. The Conspirators data-mined the Internet to identify likely victims using their search histories, emails, social connections. Then they created Pizzagate as a blackmail tool.

Likewise, most people think that this blackmail was about money but the banking cartel already has money. They traded that money for political and social influence, to buy or coerce politicians to create initiatives and sway votes to benefit the cartel.

Epstein has no money. He had an illusion of money, created by on-demand access to the cartel's money.

Pelosi and many leading Democrats are working for the same gang for the same reasons - blackmail, payoffs, or both. This should be obvious by now. It should be obvious to Democrat voters, too, but most prefer lies to truth:

      Beto, the fake Mexican, will give you free stuff.

      Warren, the fake Indian, will give you free stuff
      Harris, the fake Black, will give you free stuff.

Hillary and Obama are part of it. Obama's Department of Justice covered for Epstein during the first arrest, just like they covered for Hillary's treason with 33,000 top secret emails. You could have known that, too...

if you'd wanted to. But you were too busy being a super-fantastical wonderful person by voting for a black guy, just like you'll be a super-fantastical wonderful person by voting for a fake Indian, a fake Black, a fake Mexican or a diversity-hire woman.

Your hubris, purposely exploited again.

Oh, well.