It took longer than planned but my house is finally listed. I might float a small loan for a few months until the other house closes.

Update: 15 showings scheduled in the first three days. 5 yesterday‚ 5 tomorrow. My "trough theory" yielded an annual ROI of 18% for five years. I averaged 14% when I arbitraged stocks twenty years ago until one stock burned me. The cashout to Florida buys me 2/3rds of my current house but zero mortgage‚ double the lot size‚ 1/4 of the property tax‚ 1/2 of the home insurance and 1/2 of the energy bill.

Updated: 20 showings‚ 2 offers. The Path Unfolds. Tallahassee gives me an opening for a State-level gold-backed digital currency and subsequent framework.