Discrepancies in the Federal Interest Payment webpage. The first image is from Sept 29, the second from Sept 15 when I blogged an entry about this payment data during the Age of Joe "Stalin" Biden.

The page was updated on 8-28, but the data is timestamped "4-1-2023", the same as the Sept 15th page. The same data but different payment amounts. Sept 29th shows $909 billion instead of $969 billion, a 6% reduction. Luckily I copied the Sept 15th spreadsheet and compared it to the new spreadsheet. The revisions start in 2018, in small amounts to disguise the change (3rd image).

And still no new data since April 1st.

Mediocre, ass-covering normie bullshit, like half the contracts I worked on.cheers

Purposeful deception, just like the labor statistics in June.