I haven't accomplished much professionally since 2019; a few flaky, doomed projects at a few months each, already receding from my memory. Generation Inclusion fears and resents old-timers like me and I suppose I could whine about my school loans but "better to light a candle", so...

A personal project came to closure this week.  After my sister suicided,  I inherited my mom with an A1C blood sugar of 11 ("severe diabetic"), on six medications and covered in bruises from weekly falls.

I knew nothing about diabetes or dementia in 2017 and was overwhelmed with problems; her cataracts, her teeth, her bruises, her obstinance, nine unreliable cars, overdue bills, twelve cats, the estate.

I needed an estimate of her remaining time so I could plan my own life.  Her doctor resisted, but I insisted and he reluctantly guessed at five more years.

So I bought my retirement house early, changed her environment, diet, medications and by 2022 she was down to two medications and an A1C of 7.   She shrugged off covid in a few days so thereafter I avoided our health care system and their dubious vaccinations.

This week they forced a checkup.  Her A1C was 5.9 so she's technically not diabetic anymore, on a single medication and one year past her doctor's expiration date.   And I did it with Generation Inclusion  working against me, employment-wise.

Today we finally sold the real estate for cash, that albatross is finally gone.

Excuse me if I get blitzed tonight.  I'm blessed to have gotten my mom this far with mostly guesswork. I'm fairly sure she would have died by now in a retirement home.  And I accomplished my personal goals of keeping her alive for five years and liquidating an insane estate.