In 2017, I inherited literally tens of thousands of items and spent over a year liquidating them.  I still have stuff in boxes and found these last week.   This watch is SWAG from 1990 when I worked part-time at Hewlett Packard on weekends.  The Disk Memory Division closed a few years later, off-shored.

My first MP3 player.  I bought it for $300 at the 1999 JavaOne conference.  A ridiculous purchase when a cassette player had more capacity for $30.  But it was so cool.

My 2nd MP3 player.  I bought it at the 1999 JavaOne conference, too.   The Sony Music Clip required a specific version of Windows and I couldn't load music.

My first digital camera, 2003.  Another ridiculous purchase when film cameras had higher resolution for 1/5th the price.   But I could see the future.  :)