My prediction of malicious manipulation from 2007:

Election Hacking 101 - 2007
My 2007 DEFCON presentation makes reference to “active” vs “passive” devices indata mining and manipulating mental states. That’s what Cambridge Analytica didin the 2016 Presidential election. My theory starts at the 32 minute mark ofthis video: -----------------------------------------------…

Twitter-specific prediction one month ago:

Elon's making legal noises now so I suspect click-fraud against Twitter's own advertisers will be exposed and it appears the C-officer payday is canceled "for cause". But we might also see references to election fraud and collusion with the State department.

And today it finally appeared:

I imagine we'll get some Epstein-style action and blackmail a little further out.

"Elon didn't buy a company, he bought a crime scene and he's selling guided tours"