I finally got Kue integrated but I can't remap its default URLs (which are set to root), as there's hard-coded references somewhere in Kue. I realized I made the same mistake with ModelDrivenNode so I worked out a better API -


Imports and filtering are simpler now. For instance, Kue is added at {FunctionType} level with a URL redirect to "/Mdn/CRMApp/V2/Kue" so Kue runs as its own application. I can't do that with the current version but I imagine the developers will figure it out.

Here's a concrete example:

My three biggest problems so far:

  1. asynchronous bugs
  2. port restrictions on hosted site (nodejitsu) versus my local environment
  3. deployment sync to nodejitsu, the web UI doesn't always show the current state and version.

Part 1: Model Driven Node
Part 2: Multi-Tenant
Part 3: Object Graph Impedance
Part 4: Extending XSD Schema
Part 5: XJC Compiler
Part 6: Scalability
Part 7: Reference Implementation
Part 8: Tags and Queues
Part 9: URL Namespacing
Part 10: JSON Editor and Angular

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