3rd Update: Pool hit 492K, a new high and 120K dump in 24 hours, or 25% of total average bandwidth.  Sum Tin Wong.

2nd Update:  Pool just hit 482K.  The all-time high was 485K in May.

Update:  Pool just hit 450K.  Wow.  Only 360K transactions today, no reason for a 60-70K increase unless miners are rejecting low-cost transactions.  Or can't handle them.


Prelude to our on-going saga...

Bitcoin mempool now in the 380K range, which translates to a 5% transaction loss.

There's definitely a systemic change in behavior. There was enough unused bandwidth this week to draw down 300K, but it didn't happen. Of course, executing 13-day old transactions would shoot the average confirmation time into the stratosphere to perhaps 150 hours, double the previous high. So maybe that's bad advertising, haha.

Notice that a crash in price and demand ended the mempool losses in two previous periods. This cycle is twice as high so far.