Damar Hamlin's appearance at tonight's game was suspicious to say the least.   Cloaked in sunglasses, mask, hoodie and surrounded by a dozen staff, he seemed more like Elvis Presley trying to leave the building.   No closeups, no face shots, no interviews; only some Illuminati hand signals from a distant press box.

Brandin Bryant is 6' 2".   Damar Hamlin is 6' 0".   A 2 inch difference.   What I see here is a 6 inch difference.

I couldn't use the same position of cinderblock because of the bounce in their stride, so I captured each man at peak height, closest to the cinderblock corner.

Here's the comparison at lowest height, still a 6 inch difference...

Notice how the security staff face away from cameras and not towards potential threats.    haha.

Sure, Bryant and "Hamlin" might be wearing different height shoes, poor posture, etc, but combined with the previous weirdness, I doubt Hamlin is on next year's roster.

Addendum for the "camera angle" crowd.  I realize now that you're echoing the words but don't grasp the argument.  

Basic geometry:

A 1 ft change in the camera's angle might produce 1/3rd of an inch difference.   It's a meaningless number in these shots because Bryant and "Hamlin" are almost against the cinderblock.