In 2004, I did a few weeks of semantic analysis trying to prove my theory, The Cultural Diffusion.  The premise was that the Internet was fragmenting society into many small echo chambers which would eventually cause a systemic failure through miscommunications and conflict.

The Diffusion took longer than expected but now it's manifesting in many ways.  Facebook and Twitter are massive echo chambers, censoring and conditioning their users into being "good Global citizens" and rigging elections.

Bitcoin has no intrinsic value.  It's a pile of numbers and some code with structural deficiencies.   But it reached $64K per coin in spite of its inherent flaws.  Insanity.

Over half the US population believe that unvaccinated people are causing their vaccination to fail.  Apply that logic in other ways.  My car won't start because you didn't change your oil.   Your television went dead because I changed the channel on mine.   Hmm, no.  That's Magical Thinking.  Your vaccination fails because it DOES NOT WORK, not because others DIDN'T drink your koolaid.

Likewise, in the IT world there's almost mandatory "coding tests" and paranoia of competence now.  That wasn't true ten years ago.   "Diversity hiring" poisoned the worker pool.   Companies hire people for poor reasons, flood the worker pool with questionable candidates and now, in a fit of paranoia, enforce some level of competence even as they keep droning on about "diversity".  You are causing your own problem.   It's insanity.

The end result: we have a senile puppet president trying to start a nuclear war, a herd of AIDS-prone lemmings in lockstep behind him and nobody can discuss it in public.