Problem-Reaction-Solution is defined as the strategy of creating a crisis (the problem), waiting for a call for action to resolve the crisis (the reaction), then taking action (the solution), supposedly in response, which actually furthers a hidden agenda, usually gaining power.


Problem: Germany split into many political factions as economy collapses.

Reaction: Dissenting factions oppose a centralized government under Hitler

Solution: Stage the Reichstag fire, implicate dissenters as the criminals, arrest them all.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Problem: Germany taking over Europe unopposed.

Reaction: Apathetic Americans ignore the situation

Solution: Place oil embargo on Japan, goading them into an attack on Pearl Harbor to "motivate" entry into Europe's war.

Donald Trump

Problem: Paper ponzi scheme is collapsing along with real economy.

Reaction: Angry citizens waving guns around.

Solution: Release a virus to take the blame, implicate China as culprit, sic angry citizens on China instead of Congress & President.