I wanted a better way to bind node-specific behavior to xsd elements. Right now, the jax-rs annotations bind REST paths to xsd elements and it works but...

I wanted to extend bindings for other structures (like queues)
and avoid using java-specific dependencies.

Then I realized I can define my own xsd element wrapper:

The wrapper defines web meta-data, such as a REST url, Soap url, queue, security, etc and now


I can also use more specialized templates with the original xsd schema and it's flexible enough that I can probably generate the entire e-commerce system from templates.

Part 1: Model Driven Node
Part 2: Multi-Tenant
Part 3: Object Graph Impedance
Part 4: Extending XSD Schema
Part 5: XJC Compiler
Part 6: Scalability
Part 7: Reference Implementation
Part 8: Tags and Queues
Part 9: URL Namespacing
Part 10: JSON Editor and Angular

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